258 - Bipedal Series / Article Paddle Sponge / Inaugral Lecture

Mon 03 Aug 2015
Pete Talling

The team went back to the muddy phreatic (Ben's) pitch - and Ben put in a bolt. Pete derigged and treireved teh 25m rope from teh traverse in rigged in 2014, just before Holly's pitch to the north.

Matt and Roxy pushed the phreatic tube lead after bolting a Pete short climb up - from day before. This went for ~100m in an interesting direction and looked good. At one level Matt bolted a 3 bolt travers. However it ended at a very drafty crossrift - that would need a very thin person. There is also a digable tube.

Then they went back for the other A lead from the day before. After fiddling to get a bolt in a narrow window down, Pete pusges a through window and found nice 10m pitch down into a BIG rift series.

Ben and Roxy had turned to human icicles (sorry) and headed out with bags. Pete put in 2.5 more bolts in a 15/20m pitch down before giving up with drill finito.

(4th august - Michael et al found this rift ended in catchy narrow rifts - B lead)

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