Sun 03 Aug 2014

Mass surface-prospecting trip. More write-up from others to follow? Matt pointed out a horizontal-leading hole that a previous (less keen) UBSS caver had deemed "too tight". Elaine, being an avid Mendip fan, decided that it was actually fine & wriggled through to find that it pinched out after ~11m. Still, it was long enough to kataster, so E+D surveyed/photo-ed/GPSed/tagged it, while A+S dropped a small surface hole E+D had deemed too wet & horrible. Afterwards E+D did some cross-valley directing to not much avail. E+D then discovered that caving CAN be a spectator sport, watching Michael bolt a pitch though a nice large window slightly further north. :)

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    2014#25 2014-neo-01 ['elevation', 'notes2', 'notes1', 'plan']
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    2014-888 and MF - unmarked pit
    107 - KH connection made / KH derig
    Prospecting opposite Clownhöhle (Elaine's write-up of 2014-NEO-01 continued)