258 - Tunnocks -> Pidgeon Droppings -> Flying Rat + de-rigging, "Trafalgar Square" Survey

Wed 30 Jul 2014

Picked up the gear at the top of Pidgeon Droppings including Rob + Neil's 80m rope so we were fairly laden + headed down to Flying Rats pitch. Rigged the traverse off a couple of so-so naturals (trying to conserve hangers due to the hanger-draught at Top Camp) then Nat put a couple of spits in the far side (+another one which completely fractured the rock when he set it) + then another natural. We surveyed on from yesterday + then in loops under ourselves. Nat rigged on naturals down a short pitch.

The passage looked big + phreatic + exciting but I went up the nasty loose climb at the end + it just fizzled out, grrr. We surveyed a final loop back to the short pitch then reluctantly decided to derig, slogged out with 2 tacklesacks a-piece so left Pidgeon Droppings rigged + left rigging gear at the top then we plodded out. I think it was 3 hours in + ~4 hours out, emerging just gone midnight + snuck home before the rain really started.

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    258 - Tunnocks -> Pidgeon Droppings -> Flying Rat + de-rigging, "Trafalgar Square" Survey
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