Survex File: caves-1623/258/trireme

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underground survey length: 25.74 metres
cave primary survexfile caves-1623/258/258.svx
directory primary survexfile caves-1623/258/258
block trireme has parent block 258 (in file caves-1623/258/258.svx)
2014-07-30 ['trireme'] Survex files on this date:
Wallets on this date:
    2014#05 Pidgeon Droppings 3 ['notes2', 'notes1', 'elev1', 'notes3', 'plan1', 'notes4', 'elev2']
    2014#06 Trireme ['notes2', 'elev', 'notes1']
    2014#07 The Last TSA ['notes2', 'notes1']
Logbook trips on this date:
    258 - Tunnocks -> Pidgeon Droppings -> Flying Rat + de-rigging, "Trafalgar Square" Survey
    107 - Gemshohle - The Last TSA, Climb N end of China
    258 - Tunnocks - Sightseeing and C lead at the top of String Theory (09-44C)
    161 - Reconnaisance trip to Runnel Stone