Bullet 2nd Hohle

Sat 03 Aug 2013
Alex C

Having re bolted the entrance we decided it was about time we did some surveying. The upper part of the cave is formed along an obvious fault with 4 ~ 8m deep surface shafts.

The most northerly shaft is a fairly straight forward climb which leads to a sloping keyhole passage. The top of the rift is bridged by small boulders. Bolts are placed for a traverse line on the left hand wall leading to a Y-hang. A flake on the right hand wall below the Y-hang is useful for a deviation and a Y-hang rebelay is rigged on the wide sloping ledge on the opposite wall. Note! One of these spits is far too shallow and generally shit. A short descent from this rebelay (~10m) leads to a small chamber.

This cave sucks in a lot of air so this point is stil quite comfortable In shorts and t-shirt! Much nicer than your usual Austrian cave. We cairned a path on the return journey.

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