Tunnocks – Procrastination – bolting the climb ‘Bring on the Clowns’

Sun 04 Aug 2013
Chris D

Becka started bolting across the traverse from 31/7 to reach aven, then Chris took over while Matt froze in the gale. After some time I reached the top:
Elevation and riging topo for Bring on the Clowns

Stepping across the top to the passage at the top of the aven, initially all I could see was a body sized tube at the top of another 2m climb. But surely all that air could not come from such a small hole? Indeed, another cross passage materialised. Becka came up the now ridiculous rig to look while Matt valiantly volunteered to being prussicking out as time was getting on. The cross passage zig-zagged back after back after a few meters, but a too exposed climb at the end soon saw Becka back thritching up to the body sized tube – it all reconnected up with the zig zag at the head if a big pitch:
Plan Sketch

At ca. 6:30pm as Becka was prussicking up lower Procrastination pitch there was a sudden roar and a waterfall appeared. Chris looked down in horror from pitch above and a little later Becka appeared looking rather wide-eyed but extremely clean.

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