bullet 2nd Hohle

Fri 02 Aug 2013
Alex C

Early in the morning (CUCC time) myself and Martin set out for Bullet 2nd Hohle with 150m of rope and all the paraphernalia required to bolt and survey a promising hole in the ground.

After 200m we decided that we were really rather hot and Martin had already fallen over twice. After a bit of extrapolation we decide this would cause us to arrive in no fit state to do any caving so we ditched half the gear on the plateau. After much staggering around the plateau in the heat we eventually got to the cave and Martin set about rigging the entrance whilst trying to avoid the ominous green slimy patches.

After about 40m of progress we jacked for the day. Following much blundering through bunde we made it back to top camp just before our callout.

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