Bullet 2nd Hohle

Sun 04 Aug 2013
Alex C

Woke up with a case of mild enthusiasm! At the bottom of the small chamber a traverse along a minimalist ledge leads to a Y-hang which drops around 25m to a big ledge a single spit is placed on the ledge for a very long (3m sling) deviation. Around 5m below the ledge a Y-hang rebelay descends the remaining 35m of what has become a rather impressive shaft.

At its base the floor is around 30mx10m with three ways on. The first of these is a window ~20m off the floor at the northern end of the chamber. This climb was all a bit exciting so we ignored it.

A small crawl at the SW end of the chamber leads to a narrow upward sloping passage full of scary boulders which chokes after ~15m. A smaller hole (OK with SRT kit but not with all your bolting and surveying gear as well) at the western side of the chamber leads to a low sloping bedding plane heading southwest which is full of cobbles and boulders. A hole in the ceiling leads to a short tight vertical rift which becomes too tight.

Prussicking out of the cave the sound of trickling water indicated that Martin and I were about to experience our first Austrian food pulse. This was apparently a really quite large storm and rather a lot of choss was washed down the shaft including some decent sized cobbles. I had planned to sit the chaos out on the nice big ledge but that eventually turns into a waterfall as well. Happily we both made it out unscathed although Martin’s helmet has some new marks.

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