2013-03 - Ants In Pants

Sat 03 Aug 2013

After a hot, heavy carry in the morning I rehydrated than headed off to 2012-NS-01 and surrounding holes with Chris + Matt. Chris watched Matt descend the furthest of four holes (#1) which led to a window into hole #2.
Plan of holes layout
Meanwhile Holly + I found hole #4 which turned out to have been tagged by Noel last year [[see image above]]. Holly dropped her sunglasses down onto the snow bank in it so I climbed down a bit to fetch them + there was definitely a cool cave breeze coming out quite strongly. Matt then rigged #4 + he + I went down but this just led to a window into #3. Finally Matt rigged #2 off a fine pair of naturals + he + I descended a lovely 30m pitch with a gorgeous ice column beside it (when Holly + I returned 2 days later it had unfortunately crashed down after the rain storm the previous day). This pitch landed under a thin but large bridge of very compact snow/ice with a further small pitch below with a weak draft out. I’m sure one of these four holes connects to Tunnocks but whether there is a safe way that isn’t blocked by snow or ice is another matter.

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    2013-03 - Ants In Pants
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