258 Pushing at bottom of Procrastination - Surfer Girl

Wed 31 Jul 2013

Just to add our part to Becka's report two sides back - took our time on way in to give Becka + Chris time to finish rigging procrastination. All going well until climbing up bouldery slope between usual Susspects + String Theory, when two large boulders slid down slope with a Holly holding on thinking of imminent squishish. Thankfully they stopped slidding with only a swollen and grazed hand to show for [smiley]. Mike kicked boulders down to prevent future issues and we carried on to meet a very impatient Becka! [smiley] We were sent down to rig a '10m' ish pitch with an exciting amount of medium to giant boudlers hanging over pitch held in by mud. (Not a happy place for Holly after String theory excitment). But I 'wo-maned' up + rigged down. After 4 bolts I abandoned the drill for Becka to collect and finally reached the floor with only a couple of rub points to deal with on the way out.

10m pitch turned out to be much biger - probably about 30m so this took a little longer than expected to rig. Floor of pitch was again bouldery hall angled down held together by soil. There was a small hole at bottom which I declared there was no way I was entering this. (I have decided that in Noel's absence Tunnocks is targeting me). Mike heroically climbed in, declared it scary and choked. We surveyed quickly and headed out. Later when writing ip survey notes I dsicovered Mike had called this 'Surfer girl' after my early boulder surfing! Also up to this date this is the deepest part of Tunnocks at -397! Woo hoo! [smiley]

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    258 Pushing at bottom of Procrastination - Surfer Girl