258 Pushing pitch at end of Flap - Determination

Tue 30 Jul 2013

With 3 bags between us, 1 with a drill + two for rope we headed to the far north of Tunnocks for pushing my infamous lead. Mike chose to come with me as he was blissfully ignorant of my lead! [smiley]

Rigged Hoorah for Boobies + cut end of rope for small pitch in the Flap - which turned out to be perfect (this rope was orginally a 39m). Then came the Flap! here Mike releasised he'd been sold a dud! But he carried on relentlessly with his uber-bag + by following survey stations we eventually found ourselves at the top of the pitch. Feeling guilty for dragging Mike here I encouraged him to rig the pitch. We carefully passed rigging items back and forth to each other in order to not drop them down the ptich (we were nicely wedged above the pitch, but smaller items would fall all the way to the floor). Mike beautifully rigged the pitch as follows riging topo of pitch beyond the

A 39m rope was used, however Mike had to 'elastic band' the rope between the Y-hang + the rebelay in order to reach the floor. At the bottom Mike landed on a ledge with another pitch (estimated as 25m). Having run out of rope and time we headed out with Mike declaring it as a good lead.... MuWhahaha! Muwhahahahahahaha!! Determination pays off! Although I'm not sure anyone else is going to be pleased. More Determination is required for further trips and so it's name is born -> 'The Determiniation Series'.

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    258 Pushing pitch at end of Flap - Determination