258 Rigging and AT LAST some pushing

Wed 31 Jul 2013

Chris + Becka headed in early. becka finished rigging Procrastination which was dead easy to rig, all the bolts first where Norl's rigging guide said they would be, unlike String Thoery where bolts were heard to spot. Chris + I then bodged the traverse at the bottom to a broken chamber + then an ugly expo rig on naturals down aprrox. 4m. Holly + Mike turned up with the drill + Holly bolted the pitch down which finished. They surveyed + headed out. Chris + I had surveyed the upper section then Chris shimmied up a climb then got the drill when Holly had finished with it + rigged it them added a few bolts - strong draft coming from a small hole in the ceiling… draft good but passage dimensions not great. Chris then bolted a proper pitch to avoid the expo rig then headed up whilst Becka re-rigged with bolts the traveerese at the bottom of Procrastination. We got 11 holes out of one battery - surprisingly good… soft rock.

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    258 Rigging and AT LAST some pushing
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