Too Bold for This Spit

Thu 01 Aug 2013

Yet again back into sleepless and heading ever closer to KH. Took more rope, and the last of our hangers and the last drill battery to the pushing front. Rigged 2 short pitches with one longer rope and headed on. The passage is now much riftier and less obvious what level to be at. We stay at the level of the bottom of the pitch, not the floor trench and traverse along until we have to drop down a bit. A bit further on the passage widens and we rig a short rope to get to a lower level. A pitch drops deeper but we continue along with the draft. We stay either at the base of the rift or <4m above mostly and work our way along. Sadly we then get to another pitch in the way.

Olly rigged round, it took him a while as each time he hammered to dress the rock, flake fell and boomed down the pitch. I kept telling myself it was a really short pitch that echoed a lot... There was nowhere to wait out of the draft and I started to wonder why I had used up nearly a whole years worth of annual leave to sit and shiver in Austria. Fortunately Olly got to the other side with 1 hanger left to rig there. I followed across the traverse and was very scared - the foot holds kept falling down the pitch, each bolt was lower than the one before and half of them needed tightening before I loaded them. Then I got my hand jammer too far away from me to undo with cold fingers and I got increasingly unhappy.

I finally made it to the other side where I told Olly this was the worse thing he had ever rigged and that we might die when we have to return to get out the cave. Fortunately he took it as a compliment...

We continued on with the draft (which might be a bit weaker), until we got to another pitch. It looked like it would be tight to make our call out but we were keen to survey back before we went down the hill.

As luck would have it we didn't die on the way out but I still whimpered quite a lot despite trying to be brave. This is called Too Bold for this Spit as Olly lifted a Hilti out on the way back. We got the Makita drill and batteries out of the cave, and surveyed back to the previous day, Also we made our call out and nearly got to the car park in time, where Julian was patiently waiting to take us down the hill.

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