Sat 18 Aug 2012

The efficient 9 am early start deteriorated to an 11am sit in Bad Aussee bridge traffic jam. We were so late that Dave and Sarah had time to meet Becka on their mid morning shop, hear that we were canyoning, go back and get their wetsuits and catch us up at the start. The finest canyon in the area. Water all the way. Everything can be jumped unless you are a wuss. Filmed most of it by shakey helmet cam until the "waterproof" box steamed up. People with crap wetsuits that are about 30 years old and as stiff and ill fitting as car tyres (Wook + Tess) got cold. 3 cars went out, and 2 came back (Martin and Olly left expo).

[This might have been Stuart Bennet not Stuart Walker?.]

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