Döppelgemzehöle - 2012-JS1

Wed 01 Aug 2012
Stu W

We initially proceeded to explore some QMs in 204 using the d entrance but failed to locate this successfully as we could not find a tag (we later found the entrance we suspected was 204d in fact was). After a detour to 2003-9 where we took a few photos lighting up the impressive water ice with a scurion. After exiting we stumbled across a new undescended shaft which was drafting slightly and had a small entrance which rattled for several seconds when a stone was thrown down. Frank taught StuW how to hand bolt to put the tag on and then descended 2012-JS1 while handbolting. Rob joined us after recovering from his late night trip the day before and StuW, Jess went and did some prospecting, splitting up after a short while. StuW found some interesting areas to return to later and marked on GPS. Jess was injured while climbing across the plateau and blacked out for a few seconds after hurting her head and middle finger (and hands) when a hand hold failed. She made it back to Rob, was walked back to top camp and attended to by first aiders before being walked to hospital by Martin. She had a broken middle finger but was otherwise OK. Meanwhile StuW returned to the top of 2012-JS1, gave Rob the GPS to look at the interesting area and was offered a chance to go down into the cave but declined after hearing it crapped out promptly and was rather wet. Cave was derigged and surveyed using rope lengths afterwards.

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