Holy Bondage

Sun 29 Jul 2012
Julia Bradshaw

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On this date, with the exchange of geartape Julia "the bloke" Bradshaw and Dour "the beardy one" Day were in the sanctity of the tattiehut joined in Holy Bondage until the day that one or the other fall apart.

Registrar: Martin Green
Witnessed: Jessica Stirrups
Emma Wilson

Rope for rigging down to pushing in 204

A => 48 (up), 30, +70 (up) [Last item annnotated 'wrong' in pencil]
King Carbide => 50/60
Brians phat shaft => 82+30
Painted Lady => ~30m
Puss in bolts + on the prowl traverse => 30+27, rope protector,
Fat Cat => 80, (or 25,45,12) may need more for swing off -> log book
states "QMA would require swing & prob more rigging to assist swing"

Actual ropes => A: 41m, 11mm, chop from 92m
King Carbide: chop from 92m 10mm
Brians : 92 + 38 11mm
Painted Lady => 140m 10mm
Puss in bolts => 34 9mm
On the prowl => 29 9mm
Fat Cat => 140 10mm

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