"Bullets second höle" 2011-01

Wed 01 Aug 2012
Stu W

Following a prospecting report, Frank, StuW took 70 ish metres of rope and a hand bolting kit to 2011-01 using a GPS borrowed from Rob. The cave was found after taking a long winded route and had some evidence of bolting of unknown origin (Emma and Martin et al who found the cave couldn't remember it being there). The bolts were in odd locations but found to be fairly solid. The cave was descended and two/three more hand bolts were added by Frank before we reached turnaround time and left, leaving the cave rigged and finding an easier route back to to camp. This cave appears to be quite high up, serves as the drainage area for a large area (so can get very wet very quickly) draughts lots and appears to go down quite a long way. Is currently quite far off but could potentially extend Tunnocks further north and the system higher due to the entrance being high (QMA).

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