Klettersteig - Bad Goisern

Tue 09 Aug 2011

Went to Bad Goisern for a couple of klettersteigs, one B one C. Car struggled up hill till too steep then back down till we found somewhere to park. Slogged up hill taking a bit of a shortcut but eventually finding path out into cliff.

Short walk gets us to start of 'easy' VF. It leads straight out up a cliff! Very exposed start on pegs. Poor Therese got rather more than the easy start promised. But it was very short and eased a bit at the top. Once she'd got over the shock she thought it was great.

We decided to walk over to the 2nd one as that was a very short day's entertainment. Beware 1:50000 maps in mountains as it turned out to be a long hot walk and we got a bit lost, but eventually found the way down alongside, then back up an interesting VF. With funcky traverse wires part way up, which Cat manfully attempted despite them being a really long way apart!

Got to the top, climbed cross, and walked back to car for an excellent, if hot day out. Oh yes and we enjoyed lunch in a very fine little hut on top of the cliff edge.

[Date not recorded, but worked out from klettersteig photos in photo archive].

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