204 rigging

Tue 19 Jul 2011
Djuke Veldhuis

Our intrepid explorers carry another load up the hill – and get the easy ride really, because as Jess, Nial and Edvin went back down to get load 2 (after a quick noodle, mash and chilli sauce stop) we went into 204e to rig the entrance pitch and gaffered. It was surprisingly warm and there was no snow plug at all. All went well erm... well Djuke rigged the entrance pitch, sort of, and ended up 4m above the bottom at the stopper knot. Caught high and dry, I wandered onto the ledge, hunkered down and waited for Kathryn to re-rig the rebelay on one bolt rather than 2. That worked and with stretch the rope now reaches the floor :) (or hangs at waist height, unloaded). Kathryn then rigged to the y-hang of gaffered. We came out to find Nial, Edvin and Jess returning to the bivi with their second load. We played/fought with the tarps for a while, sorted rope, got bored and walked down. YAY CAVING = GREAT.

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