Campsite kit carting trip

Thu 21 Jul 2011
Djuke Veldhuis

We stirred in our damp sleeping bags as Nial and Edvin got up and set off for their rigging trip (see previous trip report). By this time (7ish) Kathryn was awake and shortly we all got up (slowly). Wetness was reduced as we hussled packing loads of camp kit. With 2 tacklesacks each we entered Steinbrucken at 10.15am. The entrance crawl with tackle was most awkward. As we descended gaffered, the pitch series Cerberus and so forth we were reminded how far it would be to prussik out and how AWESOME it would be to camp and not have to do gaffered everyday.

On the plus side also we stayed completely warm through the whole trip and as long as I didn't sit on my right buttock or knee (which were a bit worse for wear after a spectacular fall on the plateau). Before long we could hear Nial at the bottom of tri-hang. Upon hearing us the boys – not wanting us to catch up – put in a difficult deviation on purpose and we subsequently didn't catch up with them until the campsite. Going down chalk and cheese was like driving up your driveway – you knew you were going home sweet home, or as it is now known, BUTLINS HOLIDAY CAMP :) :) :)

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