Rigging down 204e

Thu 21 Jul 2011
Edvin Deadman

Up at 5.45am after a drippy night in the bivy. Underground at 7.10 am – some kind of CUCC record perhaps?! With 2 bags of rope each, we made slow progress to Gaffered, which Nial finished rigging. The 200m of 11mm saw us all the way to the bottom of Cerberus in the Underworld, with 10-15m spare which we used on sirens traverse. Couple of rigging points:

  1. The 1sttraverse bolt below eyehole pitch and above trihang is shagged - might need an extra one.
  2. The deviation on Cerberus is better as a rebelay.

Then continued through the Underworld to Gardener's world and Universally challenged – heres a rough rigging guide:

Rigging guide: Gardeners World and Universally Challenged

Finally down chalk and cheese and our campsite. Mission accomplished. Prussiking out was tiring with tacklesacks full of tacklesacks in tow!

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