Tunnocks Phreaticus Interuptus (Usual Suspects)

Fri 13 Aug 2010
Becka Lawson

Somehow found ourselves back at the mud dig/ squeeze from 10/8/10, only this time with drill, rope and utterly clarted up SRT gear. Surveyed and quickly reached a sizeable pitch with a continuation opposite so Andrew rigged a scary traverse (we only had four hangers - went back and liberated 2 more from previous traverses) - uphill past a waterfall and no ledge. One bolt creaked and he started to sound under strain as he hung on grimly to place another . I munched flapjack and took photos from my grandstand view. Once over we romped around hundreds of meters of horizontal passage, mostly strongly drafting ramps, some well decorated with bracket fungus, but everything eventually ended in pitches. DistoX batteries died mid-trip so I got something to do at last, taking notes. Good trip!

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    Tunnocks Phreaticus Interuptus (Usual Suspects)