Fri 13 Aug 2010
Andy Chapman

A group down to check out the 100m pitch, whilst checking out a couple of side passages in Konisberg. We had a quick look up the side passage on the left hand side of Konisberg - well I say quick look, both Chris and Neil discovered pitches. It was decided to rig Chris's pitch (not sure the logic of why!!). It looked about 30m so wouldn't be a problem, so I set off, drill in hand. 70 odd meters later with a big free hang in sight, I was glad of the longer rope!! Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate mistake of leaving a bag of hangers at the top of the 80, I was forced to do some ultra light rigging on AS's which unfortunately ran out one deviation from the bottom, 'ARSE' :(. Back out to have a quick look aka survey down some side passages on the balcony then out.

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