Tunocks - Usual Suspects - Phreaticus Interruptus

Sun 15 Aug 2010
Becka Lawson

Back over the scary traverse (13/8/10) to a climb ('traverse' according to Andrew but more uphill than along). Andrew had spotted I was back to flapjack munching and photo snapping whilst Andrew sweated over the rotten rock. A while later he made it up and we surveyed to gain just a few meters before, inevitably, one more pitch. Time to go home. Left the traverse in as even Andrew wasn't on for derigging it but he managed to derig the one before and the other two and then the pitch rope and we dragged all the gear out of the cave. Coincided with Neil and Andy at the bottom of Usual Suspects - they'd been derigging too so we all ended up with heavy loads for a slow prussik out.

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