KH - East Anglia, Grimes Graves

Sat 08 Aug 2009

(also with Becka and Ian - see other write up)

After leaving Ian and Becka at impressive black space of what was to become So Far Away we dragged sacks of rope to the far end. First a couple of easy (hand!) bolts to get started. Despite not being able to remember when I last put in a hand bolt (4 years ago?) I won the race :) Andrew set off and I went looking for survey stations and checking for QMs. At soily junction passage goes 4m to look down hole. Drauhting out and probably descendable so should be a QMC. Checked out streamway further back and decided too tight without capping. Impressive echo for tiny slot though.

Having got 10m down pitch onto huge choked boulder Andrew declared large pitch below, 'wet looking' with two incoming streams, so he went across. Turned out no real passage across pitch just climb up corner/slot which looked like it went somewhere. Andrew declared it more 'commiting' so let me do it. I put in a bolt whilst Andrew went back to fetch 60m rope. Climb not as bad as it looked and didgy rocks stayed put long enough to shin up. Rigged pith off mediocre thread, then had a look around. Exciting!

Found area was mostly big choked boulders over space. Long drop below through narrow slot. Threw some rocks - p60ish? Another pitch beyond through small winder, no overhanging death here. Horizontal passage goes back to East Anglia pitch and continues. Also comes out above P55 but entrance blocked by slipped block.


Andrew found another pitch traversing over the top of all this to the right. And then it was time to go home already. Put a second thread on the pitch and left to go out with Becka and Ian. Again back in daylight.

T/U 10hrs

Brought a couple of rings out to rig bounce rift with tyrolean.

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