KH - 3 Wise Men re-rig and beyond

Fri 07 Aug 2009

Ian has covered most of the trip so here's out specific bit. Given only 30m rope plus a tiddly bit to rerig 3WM we left the lower old rope protecting the 8m climb and part re-rigged the traverse-proper. Slightly worrying hanging over a big drop on very aged string, but all was (of course) well.

Decided it needed another bolt to reduce huge rub at edge so put one in then rediscovered 2 holes drilled for better rigging in 1993. In a better place too! Having faffed for at least an hour replacing the rope already and being short of length decided to leave that for another time. Had also by now given the drill away so had no spits of the correct type.

Just about made it to the far side but now entirely free of rope so decided to ???? ?? a good poke about in prep for tomorrow's trip.


We had a proper look round the area immediately beyond 3WM. It's quite complex and really could use a few survey legs sometime.


Climbing out of area at end of 3WM (c5) there is a passage on the right partially fill with sediment. This goes for about 3m to a very tight zig-zag which is (looks like earbass too biscuit???). No draught. Ahead is a slope up to the right which leads to a high chamber. A climb ahead for 4-5m lead to several solution tubes. Part way up you can see across toward the tinkle rift passage. Turning right in the chamber reaches a climb both up and down. Down goes 2-3m where a tight passage looks through into something larger (QMC). This doesn't seem to connect back into main area.

Climbing up is an easy climb up quite high (10m) which comes back into main area at southern end. You can traverse across the shaft and climb into a hole. This goes about 3m to look out into the shaft which 3WM tyroleans across. At this level you can see into more space off the north side of the area (It seems to be mostly space round here).

Next we went all the way to the end of East Anglia, noting that Tinkle Rift pitch had been left rigged (forgotten?). Decided that end of East Anglia looked like most interesting lead because we might be able to go across. This it was time to go home and meet the others at SSR.

A steady return got us out in 2hrs 15ish, and walked back in the light, trying to remember rather complex route.

T/U 9.5 hrs

Oh yeah, and we rigged bounce rift as a tyrolean (wee, put in the bolts).

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