Tunnocks - Derig

Sun 09 Aug 2009
Ian Walker

A trip into Stone Monkey to recover the 30m rope at the far end and to derig out from there. My first visit :- a very interesting place, glad I took the chance to see it! Packed all the derigged gear into the tacklebags, except the entrance pitch (92m) which we paellaed out in one go.

Impressed with: Caramel Catharsis traverse (textbook)

Not impressed with: entrance pitch bolts (triple fishermans on pitches are a bad way to join ropes and poorly dressed knots are difficult to untie) :-(

Carired all the shit back to the bivy in one go, and derigged half the cairn reflectors on the way.

A very enjoyable trip.

T/U 5 hrs

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