KH - Far too Far

Sat 08 Aug 2009
Ian Walker

Team Vertical again +Wook and Andrew - see separate write up

Clearly not having been put off yesterday, Becka again joined me in a shaft dropping trip in KH. That this trip happened al all is a conundrum, as we hadn't a plan until we all got to SSR! Wookey and Andrew were dead-set on going to the bitter end of East Anglia and suggested that Becka and I drop the great black hole at the end of Far Too Far (a big wet-sounding undescended pitch - C1992-161-19).

Several Hilti's were put in on the way (predrilled in the 90s) and is probably took us an hour to get through 3 wise men and tinkle rift! Wookey and Andrew pointed out our hole and we all marvelled at the echo before they buggered off an left us to it. By "us" I mean "me" as Becka doesn't seem to like dropping great big shafts. So I "took one for the team" and went about bolting the first descent.

What a dream is was too: a large airy majestic shaft: clean washed and with fine sculpted walls. My lamp could just make out something at the bottom: a floor, a puddle, who knows? With sound, clean, rock a 100m rope in the sack and a pair of drill batteries, this was a real pleasure. As I pointed out to Becka at the time, I would happily drive to the Dales to descend a pothole like this on a sport trip. Poor, tireless Becka. I got all enthused again and began ranting about the finery of it all.

Suffice to say the pitch meets a bridge into a parallel shaft. Descending this, the water is met again. At this floor, a gully takes the water round a sharp (90 degree?) bend to the right and into a tall tight rift. A third shaft drops in on the far side, the water of which also flows into the rift. The rift could be pushed but must be a QMC at best. Hmmmm!

T/U 10hrs

[rigging diagram]

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