161 - Push and survey near Iceland Chamber

Thu 30 Jul 2009
Anthony Day

In search of a slack trip we went to look at the pitch near Iceland Chamber (bolted on a previous trip). This didn't look especially promising, but since we traverse over the top of it every time we go in 161G, it seemed remiss not to take a look. Sure enough the pitch leads into a rift which is impenetrable - so with the QM duly ticked off we surveyed out.

Next stop was Frozen Turkey, a pitch that was partially descended in 1999. This was the scene of my first attempt at drill bolting and all the anchors were atrocious - all far too deep (in my defence I believe I was using Hiltis without flanges to stop them going straight to the back of the hole, or so I would like to claim). When I got to the first rebelay bolt to find an exceptionally cratered specimen I had no chance of getting a hanger onto, I decided I'd had enough and we pottered out.

T/U 3.5 hrs

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