204 - Snow Leopard

Fri 31 Jul 2009
Emma Wilson

Went to end of catwalk to pitch previously bolted by Tony and Jess but not dropped due to rope being too short. Jess rigged down pitch now called Snow Leopard. Jess found multiple signs of life at the bottom of the pitch, strange as pitch was blind - signs of life included golden hanger, pencil and footprints. Turned out that we had dropped into the bottom of Brian's Phat Shaft. All descended pitch and a way up derigged pitch. Also derigged bottom section of catflap. Took rope to On the Prowl where Kathryn put in extra y-hang bolt and then descended to the ledge. I then put in rebelay bolt after ledge - rope (44m) didn't reach floor :( and more rigging was going to be needed to get to the bottom without rubs. We descended 7m below ledge to get better look at what was happening. Pitch turned very very airy as it dropped into a giant chamber. 44m rope was only long enough for the shaft and 10m tied on end reached the floor. However would need more rope for the extra bolts required.

[rigging diagram]

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