Tunnock's - Usual Suspects

Sun 02 Aug 2009
Steve Jones

After much faff got to top of US to find Mike heading out owing to knot-pass not-fun times. Julian proceeded to smoothly and cheerfully descend and we allmet at the bottom. We headed to the S/E and S started rigging traverse whilst J+B surveyed up N?W phreas. Traverse leads out into complex chamber area. Several possible leads at floor level need a proper ????. Walking passage on R left as QMA.

Draught comes from passage on L at traverse level so headed over to this. Starts as large tunnel then climb down into rift; thrutch down at end passed by J+B leads to big pitch - QMA, no flat continuation - booo. Alternative to thrutch is 8m climb to col - needs rope for return - QMA.

[rigging diagram]

On way back to pitch the QMA noted on 30/07/09 was now rather noisy. Bum. Remebered that US is nice, clean washed and drippy. Big bum. B went for a look. Looked soggy so we hoped it was a ?????, surveyed a few more leads up NW passages - nice 3m phreas.

Came back to pitch at about 8pm. Still soggy. Wait 30 mins in bivi bahs (S+B) or in cold (J). B attempted pitch. Too soggy. Poo. So made a tent/bivi/hovel in earshot of pitch. Huddle. Periodically check sog factor. Repeat. Miss callout. Repeat more. Get bored. Repeat. Hear noise at top - voice? Start yelling. Lights and voice disappear. Huddle more. Conclude that if someone has got part way down we can get up - so sent B up to test theory. Pitch appears fine if moist.

Meet Wook at pitchhead. With my bothy which I had left at the entrance. Grrr. P;lied with a drink. Head to entrance with Andy A. KAthryn and Emma ply with more tea. Back to bivy. Jess S plies with more tea and curry. Must get resuced more often...

T/U 17-18hrs, Mike 3hrs (see also Julian's write up)

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