161 - Push/survey Dire Straits

Wed 29 Jul 2009
Anthony Day

Went to the lead left by Edvin and Ian the previous day which was obviously going to carry on for miles down an endless pitch series. We were armed with a drill, two batteries, 100m of rope and plenty f anchors...at least we would have had if I had not left the pot of Hiltis in my rucksack on the surface. Hence actually had only 5 Hilti anchors - but we had plenty of spits so we reasoned we should be able to make plenty of progress. Arrived at the front wheree two further drops were visible. I wielded the drill to place a bolt for the next drop of 5m. When I came to set it I discovered that the attachment tape on the hammer had snapped. Fortunately the hammer hadn't disappeared down the pitch - it was sitting on the ledge next to me.

On arrival at the next drop, I ignored the lovely flat surface on either side of the rift at just the right height for a y-hang in favour of an ankle height rebelay in rubbish rock thus saving one Hilti for the continuing pitch series.

Ultimately such frugality proved unneseccary since at the bottom of the next 5m drop a narrow rift was reached. We trutched along for 20m to a small widening where the continuin rift needs hammering for further progress - QMC at best, and there is no discernible draught.

Having killed off our star lead, we surveyed out. Edvin heroically derigged up to Silent Fellow and we dumped most of the rope at Satan's Sitting Room. This was a moderately ??? trip which is obviously too much for my creaking body as my back has been knackered ever since.

T/U 10hrs

[rigging diagram]

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