161 - 161G

Sun 26 Jul 2009
Edvin Deadman

Went tot he far end. Ian + Ollie hing back to sort out some rigging on the way to their lead (more on that later). Dour and I headed straiht to the Bridge - the previous stopping point from the day before. Got there 2-3 hours after going underground. First obstacle was to rerig Satan's Sitting Room traverse. This is a tensioned bugger with no floor, roof, walls and initiall yonly a 19 year old rope to prevent plummetting. Hence wibble number 1.

We rerigged this and preceeded to the bottom of the 3 Wise Men climb (via an unprotected step which now has a rope on it - Wibble number 2). Our goal was to drop Satan's Sitting Room pitch (C1992-191-12) - wibbles 3-26. We slowly drill bolted our way down the seemingly bottomless abyss. Glad I packed my cast iron underpants.

Eventually about 50m down we established that there was a bottom; two large pits separated by a 10m high rock wall. Looking through the hole in the wall into the other pit we could see a window into the continuation. The lead was still going.

The pitch was a bit less terrifying once we knew what was at the bottom so we hot footed it back to the entrance to prepare our excuses for jacking the next day.

Ian writes...

Bolted a deviation on Kossos pitch and a second bolt on the top hang of strange downfall (now a y-hang). At the Bridge we descneded the pit which turned out to be rubble blocked 10m down.

T/U 10.5hrs

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