204 - Pussy in Bolts

Wed 29 Jul 2009
Kathryn Hopkins

We thought we'd have a super-efficient trip having packed all of our gear the previous evening. Unfortunately I realised my battery pack was almost completely discharged when I got to Wolpertinger and so prussiked back out to get another one...

We eventually reached Painted Lady and out traverse was known as Puss in Bolts and contiunued to traverse around the side of a large chamber. We put in another 8 bolts and reached the possible continuation on the south side - was getting late by this point and it was clear that at least another bolt was needed so we surveyed what we had done and headed out. The traverse is 30m long inttal (although the second half is mainly walking on a sloping ledge and doesn't have many bolts). See later for rigging guide - we plan to leave at least the first part permanently rigged.

T/U 13.5hrs

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