161 - Satan's Sitter surveying

Wed 29 Jul 2009
Anthony Day

Since Edvin and I had built up a surveying backlog after our previous trip to the pitch off Satan's Sitting Room (26th), the plan was that we would survey the pith whilst Noel bolted the drop at the end. However, on arrival at Satan's Sitting Room it transpired that Noel had not hand bolted before so the was a change of plan whereby Edvin went to bolt whilst Noel and I surveyed in. Surveying was slow and cold but otherwise not too bad with pony and disto. Meanwhile Edvin placed a bolt at the rock bridge found last trip in order to go down the other side of it to the continuation we had seen. Two bolts later Edvin was at the bottom of a further 5m drop with a uninviting tight rift exiting. Noel investigated and declared that it would be passable with a bit of hammering - QMC at best. Nobody fancied this, so we deriged and left the rope at Satan's Sitting Room before heading out.

[rigging diagram]

T/U 8.5 hrs

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