Hauchhole - Monstermunch rigging

Tue 29 Jul 2008

Edvin decided it was a good idea to take big bertha down Hauchole with 200m of 9mm in her. It wasn't actually as bad as expected - even tacklesack blues was ok. I tried using the action cam to film the fun but all I got was a lot of shaky footage of the wall.

I rigged down monster munch without any drama except for messing around at the pitchhead. At the bottom Edvin put in a really shoddy spit so I decided to put in another for a Y hang. Mine was even worse but I blame the crap spit driver with no mark for the depth. I rigged the rope anyway because 2 shit spits are fine obviously. At the bottom there was a too tight rift. 06-6C and 06-7A ticked off. We then had great fun hauling 200m of rope back up the pitch (we used ~150m) and carrying it out when knackered. Tacklesack blues was far worse than on the way in. Edvin carried Bertha back up the pitches.

Addendum: Edvin stuck in a bolt above 06-1A while I was rigging, which we'll have a look at when we go to derig the rest of the cave.

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