Tunnocks - 07-62A

Tue 29 Jul 2008

Yet another attempt to finalise the rigging - got the second traverse rigged on naturals - then off to starfish junction, turned right to the pitch opposite the snow tube (QM 07-62A). Got backup spits in then Ollie traversed out to put in the pitchhead bolt. "Tinkle" Hmm - I think I've dropped something shiny and metallic "Spanner?" "No" "Hangers?" "No" "Oh well never mind". More rigging. "tinkle, tinkle" "Bugger, I've dropped my sky hook" "Never mind, keep going." Drill ready to go - "Ah, I think I know what I just dropped - drill bit!" I decided to go down, throwing the rope over the edge with a tacklesack rope protector. I soon found the skyhook and, after a long furtle, the drill bit and sent them up to Ollie. He rigged down to the large ledge I'd got to, ~20m down, but we'd run out of rope for the next 30-40m drop so we surveyed out and headed home. En route Ollie put in lots of spits for the long (stone-monkey/caramel catharsis) traverse.

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