82 - 81b and 82

Tue 14 Aug 2007
Jenny Black

We were feeling a bit tired so put off the 148 trip by another day and went to tie up some loose ends in the 81/82 area. Started with a surface survey from 81b to 148 in hope of improving the loop closure, also tied in the 82 tag to 85.

Surveyed the remaining passage in 81 and checked out all the leads - except for anything we missed there are no longer any leads. There was nearly yet another entrance but it was blocked with rocks, doesn't seem worth opening it up as 81 has more than its store of entrances already.

Went into 82 to resurvey the upper level and check out the 'drafting tube' noted in 1977 - it drafted lots and lots out and whilst it is very tight the floor is muddy/sandy and could easily be dug. It is heading for the similarly big phreas in 1987-02 and less than 200m away.

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