148 - "Some Like it Pot" + derig

Wed 15 Aug 2007
Jenny Black

Running out of time so could no longer put off the final trip 148 trip. Only had to carry in the drilling stuff + the survey kit, so got to the big pitch quite efficiently. Sorted out gear we had left there and Olly set off down. I sat on the ledge at the Y-hang and shivered as I watch Olly getting father away, and every so often there'd be some tarzaning around for the rig. I noticed that Olly seemed to be quite near the water - today it was essentially just water running / trickling down the wall. I hoped it wouldn't rain.

Eventually it was my turn to descend, got down to where Olly was at a huge jammed boulder which made a floor for a bit. There the rift seemed to go 2 ways - rocks went for a long way down the straight-on-left route, but a stronger draft seemed to come from the right. This led shortly down to a bouldery floor. The rift continued over a jammed rock, a big draught comes from here. Olly went some way down - it doesn't trivially join the other route and rocks also fall a long way...

I was cold and Olly had done a lot of rigging so we decided to start the derig. It didn't go too badly (even the tight rift bits) and we got all four tackles out before it got too tiring.

T/U 9 3/4 hours

148 rigging

148 rigging

the rigging in Some Like it Pot needs some adaption in case it rains, but currently would be more unpleasant than suicidal.

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