258 - Maximum Pleasure survey in Tunnockschacht

Tue 14 Aug 2007
Becka Lawson

A fine, sunny morning so we hung around until all our gear was dry in an attempt to have a warmish survey trip in Tunnockschacht. We started by doing the left lead just after the traverse in Ribs with Knödel [just beyond Caramel Catharsis]. This was extremely drafty & rapidly led to a large pitch. We then headed to Maximum Pleasure, taking some snaps en route. We surveyed from where Martin and I had left off yesterday, in the flowstone chamber. We went past a large pitch & down to another, smaller pitch then surveyed a small passage on the left and then did a couple of legs up smaller passages to reconnect to the flowstone chamber, making us feel virtuous. Martin and Olly turned up and we pointed them to the remaining horizontal lead (which turned out to stop after only ~30m). I then dragged Julian to the far end of Maximum Pleasure to double-check that there were no other good leads to the North. Nothing looked very tempting but I persuaded Julian to continue the passage on the right where Wookey, Andrew and I had left off. This headed up into awkward crawls and ceiling tubes and leads of 2-3m legs. Unfortunately there was no good reason to stop so we just plodded on until, thanks be, it finally, gradually lost the draft & fizzled out to too-tight ceiling tubes.

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