148 - Marylin Monroe Hoehle

Sat 14 Jul 2007
Jenny Black

Went back to look at 148, 20 years after it was last explored. Crawling entrance to a squeeze and climb into a larger passage, so far the same as the old description and similar to the old survey if you rotate it by about 56 degrees. Then at the junction right doesn't actually choke - there is a way on doubling back that ends at a diggable sandy crawl. Left at the previous junction was missing the snow from 1987 and led to a pitch which you could reach either approximately 10m from the bottom of 20m up. Daylight just about comes in from above along with lots of drips presumably a snow plug on the surface above a big pitch very close to the 204 path.

I got really cold cos it drafted a lot and I was only wearing one lot of thermals under my furry. At the base of the pitch left went to loose boulders, a low continuation and before that another pitch. The other way didn't go very far, low down, but level with the lower entry the pitch continued. Olly went here till he got to a big aven/chamber/pitch type thing, and I sat and got cold cos my arm hurt where I scalded it in the morning. We surveyed half of it on the way out and found some old survey notes on the floor - we plan to photo them before moving them out of the cave.

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