97 - Prospecting Beyond 97

Fri 13 Jul 2007
Jenny Black

We went looking for a 'back door' into 97. Olly found a promising looking shaft (2007-70) which he descended. 2007-70 is located on a slight rise on the edge of a stretch of pavement just beyond 97. The entrance is a approximately 1.5m diameter shaft with a horizontal connection to an adjacent (larger) shaft a few metres down. At the base, an icy snow slope drops away before the roof comes down - possibly passable with less ice/snow. Above this end, and ice fall comes in from a small passage up which I couldn't easily get to. The larger adjacent shaft doesn't have any leads. While walking back Olly noticed a low entrance (2007-71) in a slope. We took it in turns moving rocks out of the way, and Olly went in. It drafts out a fair amount, though not as much as Draft Bitter. I went back to the bivy (twice because I was forgettful in my excitement at finding a new cave) to get my caving gear and we went underground.

After the low wriggly start it improved to walking/stooping/crawling passage. There is a currently undescended pitch early on the right, another at the current end, and a yet to be explored side passage. I have high hopes that it will be a significant cave in its own right, or else connect with 97 or 76...

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