204 - High Hopes derig, 204G->E through trip

Thu 11 Aug 2005

Frank assured me that it would only take a couple of hours to tidy up some loose ends in High Hopes and fish the rope out. This estimate turned out to be wrong by a factor of 150%, so this could almost be called a proper caving trip.

Went in the 204G entrance, leaving Nial to follow us in and derig the rope. Derigged a traverse in High Hopes. and recorded a couple of legs to link the surveys. The rope was left on the next muddy downclimb, though the hanger and tape were retrieved (the rope is left tied round a natural). We then came across a blind pit in the floor with a rope down it. Frank went down with an end of rope for a quick Grade 2 sketch and then derigged it. The down (coming from G side) pitch-cum-climb into the chamber near Pile Driver was left rigged [i.e. Wookey's original up-climb from Toothless into High Hopes]. All other ropes between there and the down-pitch into Swings were removed.

With that we staggered out of the E entrance with 3 bags between 2 feeling depressingly unfit. A nice tourist through some bits of the cave I've never previously visited.

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