204 - Hanging Onto Faith (again, again)

Thu 11 Aug 2005

My last day of caving so the spirit was willing but the body was oh, so weak. We were determined to crack the pitch series so set off with another 50m rope as that had to be enough to bottom it. We surveyed down. I'd forced Andrew to do notes because my pitch sketches look like random placed ovals. Unfortunately he insisted on making a good job of it which meant none of my trademark joke plumbs were allowed, + instead I got to do lots of grimly athletic instrument readings and it was all slow going. We finally arrived at our previous mini-ledge + rigged the new rope ... it only just reached the bottom but it did get us there, yee-ha. The excitement was short-lived - Hanging onto Faith is a beautiful, large, airy pitch series, which would make a lovely trade route, but it just ends in a boulder-filled chamber.

We wrapped up the survey + derigged out. We'd brought 2 tacklesacks in + I'd thought there were more down but there weren't so we ended up with a sack each and four or more chained ropes. By the time we'd got Taking the Piss pitch derigged I was feeling wiped out so was persuaded to leave the rope we couldn't fit in bags in Magic Roundabout chamber + I pottered out. Then I got given 45 minutes at Top Camp to change, pack + stomp off down the hill to Base Camp.

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