76 - Lead off Taproom

Wed 27 Jul 2005

We all slogged down to the Taproom with a tacklesack each, and Ol began rigging across the shaft to QM 77-04 A. An interesting pendule/traverse ensued:

Eventually Ol reached the other side and Jenny and I surveyed across, derigging the middle anchors of the traverse en route to leave a classic pendule. Meanwhile Olly had wandered along the rift to the next pitch. We elected to rig down this, rather than descending the shaft with the pendule, as it wasn't drippy.

[rigging sketch]

Oddly enough, the second pitch landed in Keg Series (at the ledge just before the 2004 limit). Olly was feeling a bit tired and ill, so I took over the drill to bolt up to the window in the wall (04-47 A). This led to 20m or so of pleasant passage with a slot in the floor. Jenny thrutched into Razor Prance and we established that RP was the bottom of the aforementioned slot. The new passage (Razor Advance) continues until the floor runs out (where the slot widens to the whole width of the passage), at which point a rope is needed to descend to the floor. This lines up pretty neatly with the undescended pitch at the end of Razor Prance below, and will be much easier to get to.

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