234 - Hauchhöhle

Sat 07 Aug 2004

Woke up to the realisation that as nobody had appeared from base camp with a drill battery, and the club drill was not inspiring in its rotational speed, we had nothing better to do than re-rig Hauchhöhle, catch up on the survey backlog and derig the thing again.

This we accordingly did. The vertical squeeze past the boulder at the bottom of Pie Series is now Who Ate All The Pies. The side passage (Crust) off Kidney Pitch doesn't go; it narrows to a very tedious crawl over powdery mud, growing tighter so gradually that one might almost fail to notice quite how squalid the whole thing is.

Surveyed Pete's stuff off the left-hand side at the bottom of the ent pitch (Underhand Passage, as it is underneath the Left-Hand Series. Main passage goes on for some while before narrowing; at this point a meander off to the left enters a very diminutive streamway, probably passable, but equally probably very nasty! Didn't bother with the tubes off to the right [at the beginning of Underhand – explored but not surveyed by Pete].

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    234 - Hauchhöhle