204 - Re-rigging Gaffered + Gardeners' World

Mon 26 Jul 2004

Earl was all for going straight back down to push Subsoil but I'd promised myself not to go down there again until there was fresh rope on it so we carried in a 100m and a 65m and re-rigged from Tape Worm all the way down (I replaced the top 91m – again – whilst Earl Mud-Doesn't-Stick-To-Me Merson zoomed down on the slimy rope + replaced the bottom one). Then Earl went off to have a third attempt at re-rigging Gardeners' World whilst I draped conservation tape around Sirens, Bracket Fungus, the Crystal Pool + Quiz Rift. I then got cold + grouchy waiting whilst Earl put in deviation after deviation on Gardeners' World plus fresh pitch-head bolts + then had two attempts at putting in a deviation bolt on the lower pitch (University Challenge).

Finally down to Subsoil with no time left to do any sensible pushing so Earl put in two final bolts for the 4m pitch over a boulder for the passage that leads to Earthenware whilst I checked that the Heavily Soiled passage went. A necessary but cold trip. On the way out we started a system to keep the clean rope clean:

  • On the bottom, Eeyore pitch, no wellies on the rope.
  • After the traverse, wellies to be thoroughly washed (also footloops etc) before ascending.
  • Repeat scrubbing as required as ascend.

I am about to purchase a scrubbing brush to leave in the pool after the traverse so, you dirty horrible cavers, don't go near my spanking new rope unless you're pristine. Thanks to Tony for cleaning + checking the two filthy tackle bags of rope we hauled out.

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