76 - Brave New World

Sun 25 Jul 2004

Olly fettled the rigging in the entrance to add a tight guide line above the rock bridge, and we went into the Test Tube, and onto Brave New World, this time turning right to the pitch, traversing round it (which I found scary as it was loose) and into the oxbow on the left, from here we followed walking passage past some calcite and gypsum pretties until we hit a T-junction with an even bigger passage. We followed this right and came to another junction, in from of us was a pitch down, with a passage appearing to continue over it, and passage heading off left, as we had no tackle we followed this to a junction / chamber. Here a very small passage went left, a pitch went down in front and a smallish passage went right. We decided to survey back from here till it joined with the 1st Brave New World survey.

T/U 6hrs

Walked up to 204 in the evening to see where it was and say "hi" to Earl + Becka. 204 bivvy is ~45mins from our bivvy, but I don't walk very fast.

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    2004#18 ['notes']
    2004#25 ['notes2', 'notes1', 'subsoils_plan_A']
    2004#99 [] ['No uploaded scans or incorrect path to wallet contents']
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    204 - Gardeners' World -> Subsoil
    76 - Brave New World