76 - Brave New World

Mon 26 Jul 2004

Decided to carry the drill through the Test Tube to bolt stuff in Brave New World. We decided it would be better to carry SRT kits rather than wearing them too. Carrying tackle made the Test Tube seem much smaller and more arduous... Turned right into BNW, and Olly got started with putting a traverse round the pitch that had made me scared the previous day. All went well till he dropped his stop onto a ledge a few meters down. Shortly, the stop was retrieved and the traverse line rigged across, we were a bit cold so decided to postpone further bolting and to survey leftwards at the next junction. This led to an aven that looked not too hard to climb and a probable passage heading off at the top. We surveyed back, then I started to bolt down the pitch at the end of the traverse line, the ~15m pitch came down to a high vadose passage that shortly led to a further pitch down that we had no rope for. Olly put in 2 spits in preparation for a later trip and we surveyed back out. We still had hours left before our callout, so we went to look at the stream canyon beneath the passage on from the pitch, assuming it would come out in the same pitch, soon it came out in what seemed to be yet another pitch... we surveyed this, then left the cave.

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