76 - 76

Thu 22 Jul 2004
Olly B

We went down 76 to push the pitch lead near the start of the "Test Tubes". It was unclear if the pitch-head was perched rocks or solid, so I used a mostly convincing thread as a backup, and put in a traverse spit, then a Y hang out in the rift. The rift was a good 1.5m wide, and tall so things looked promising. I descended and traversed upstream, but just round the corner was a pitch up. Downstream dropped away and got narrower. Two rebelays later we were in the top of the rift, with a barely feasible squeeze into a lower level. The bottom appeared to drop into blackness through a small hole – small stones dropped for a second or two if they got through the hole. The position is such that this is very likely to be dropping into the original 70s pitch series, so there wasn't much motivation for desperate squeezes. Jenny tried to get through at a lower level, but that didn't work. So we surveyed out to connect to the previous Brave New World survey and went home. Jenny put in a better placed spit for the ledge end of the pendule on the way out.

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